Wimbledon's Famous Residents
Well, obviously Wimbledon is famous for it's tennis and what a racket that is, but did you know of it's wealth of famous stars of past and present.

Wimbledon is the home of the "Wombles" by author "Elizabeth Beresford".
I can remember meeting the author at a school meeting one time long ago when I was a young lad. She was a wonderful lady and as I was a "Womble" fan back I'll be eternally grateful for her for all those wonderful stories that she wrote.

Wimbledon has also been famous for it's football team that used to play at Plough Lane until it was later knocked down and the Wimbledon team now shares the field with it's "Crystal Palace" counterparts at "Selsdon Park", Croydon

Wimbledon has had a host of the famed fortunates not including the tennis minded.

Here's a brief list of who we've been lucky to have in the area over the years:

Annabel Croft - British Euro Sports Presenter

Annete Crosbie - One Foot In The Grave

Bryan Pringle - Actor

Chris Tarrant - Capital Radio DJ

Cliff Richard - Musician & songwriter

Dave Benson Phillips - Entertainer

David Essex - Musician, Actor, Songwriter.. .

Diane Keen - Actress

Dilys Laye - Actress

Fay Ripley - Actress (Cold Feet)

Freddie Launcsbury.-  British Champion 125cc.Motorcycle Ace & TT Rider.

Freddie Starr - Comedian

Gary Wilmot - Comedian

Imogen Hassall - Actress

James Hunt - Formula One Racing Driver

Jane Asher- Actress & Author

Jimmy White - Snooker Player

June Whitfield - Actress

Kate O'Mara.-   Actress.

Kathleen Harrison.-  Film Star. (in many of the `Huggets' series of 
c.1950-60s) Lived in the last house on left at the top o Wimbledon Hill)

Kenny Minns -  Captain of luxury motor yacht 'M.V. Cracara.'

Leslie Grantham - Actor from Eastenders

Lionel Blair - Actor

Martin Clunes - Actor (Doc Martin)

Michael Aspel - Radio DJ & Talk Host

Michael Parkinson - Broadcaster

Michael Robbins  -  Actor - Arthur in "On the Buses"

Mr G Fielden- Hughes.   -  Author-Broadcaster- Headmaster- ( Queens Rd. County Secondary)

Mr J Sainsbury.  Food Chain store Head.

Mr Mckay-  Newspaper Tycoon.

Nigel Havers - Actor

Nigel Pratt - Actor

Oliver Reed - Actor

Paul Weller - Musician

Pierce Brosnan - 007 James Bond

Raymond Briggs - Illustrator, Cartoonist, and Novelist

Roy Kinnear - Actor

Sally Jane Spencer (Pitt) - The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin

Samantha Fox - Popstar & Page Three pin-up.

Sandra Bullock - Actress

Stacey Dorning - Actress

Stratford Johns - Actor

Sting - Musician

Syd Fields- Films Star & Commedian.c, 1940-50s

Ted Heath.- Bandleader & Musician 

The Merton Parkas - Mod Band

The Right Hon.  Lord Jersey.  c. 1945-50.

Tom Bates - Actor.

Trevor Howard - Actor

Tubby Hayes.- Musician

If you know of any others that are not listed above, please feel free to email us and we'll be happy to add them to our list of "Famed Fortunates".

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