Welcome to the new website about "Ashcombe Road, Wimbledon, SW19".

I personally was a resident of this road since a baby and spent all of my childhood growing up in this road in Wimbledon.

This site is about the changes of the street throughout the years as far as I can go back with the help of "Sidney Jones". another former resident to whom I'm very grateful for all of his help with this.

Sidney has come up with alot of information on the street from before my time there as well as alot of information that he has colated from his mum.

We'll be doing a "Where Are They Now" and on this site as well as try to keep up with whats going on in the street now with new residents who want to give us some help with the site.

We'll also have a links page, so that new residents get some knowledge of local businesses as well as show some maybe hidden attractions of Wimbledon.

I hope you enjoy the site the site and stay with us as the site grows and maybe participate in our endeavour to get this site more interesting.

This page was last updated: 9 August, 2021